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Facing Drug Charges?

Drug possession lawyer Keith Williams can help you fight a drug or narcotic conviction.

Eastern North Carolina Drug Charge Attorney

Drug laws have become stricter throughout the United States. Unfortunately, casual users and people addicted to pain meds can become caught in the middle. As a result, they may face punishments that can have life-changing consequences. These will require a drug possession lawyer who understands your situation and is qualified to handle it.

I am criminal defense attorney Keith Williams. My Greenville, NC law practice is dedicated to defending people who are charged with crimes in Eastern North Carolina. I am certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a board-certified specialist in both federal and state criminal law.

Drug Possession Lawyer

From Misdemeanor To Felony Drug Charges

A person in North Carolina can still be charged with a misdemeanor for possessing less than 1.5 ounces of marijuana or drug equipment. My job as a drug possession lawyer is to prevent people from being convicted of minor drug charges that could affect them in the future. This is of particular concern to ECU students and their parents.

Most drug charges, including possession of more than 1.5 ounces of marijuana, are felonies in North Carolina. The amount of drugs someone owns may lead to a charge of possession with the intent to sell.

The more drugs someone has, the more likely it is that they could face federal drug charges and serious prison time. For example, possession of 50 grams or more of crack cocaine is usually charged as a federal offense. This can be punishable by at least 10 years in prison. Drug cases can also be charged in federal court for many reasons, especially if someone has prior drug convictions or had a weapon.

Potential Defenses Used By Drug Possession Lawyers

Defenses in drug cases often depend on how police came in contact with the accused. Whenever a stop or search is questionable, I will contest the admissibility of the evidence. The prosecution may also drop charges if lack of evidence prevents them from proving their case.

Possession and intent-to-sell charges can be hard for the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Even though drugs may have been in someone’s car or home, that does not prove the drugs belonged to them. Additionally, having a certain quantity of drugs does not prove that someone intended to sell them.

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Keith Williams is a board-certified specialist in federal and state criminal law.

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Drug crime attorney Keith Williams can defend against a drug or narcotic conviction.

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