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Criminal Records Expunction Review

Arrests and convictions can make it hard for you to achieve your goals. Things like getting into college get harder. You might not be able to get the job you want. If you have a criminal record in North Carolina, you may be able to clear it with an expunction (also known as expungement).

North Carolina has updated its expunction laws. The new law allows expunging some older criminal convictions faster. It also allows expunction of a dismissal even if you have received prior expunctions.

I Am Keith A. Williams, and one of my goals as a lawyer is to see that my clients are able to move forward after an arrest or conviction. A Greenville expunction lawyer who deals with these issues throughout Eastern North Carolina. In my 30 years of private practice, I have helped clear up a lot of issues from clients’ records, allowing them a brighter future.*

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Types Of Eligible Offenses

What North Carolina criminal convictions can be later erased from your criminal record? It depends on the severity of the conviction and how long has passed since the conviction. Murder, armed robbery, and sexual assault are not eligible. Here are some of the offenses that may be eligible:

  • Nonviolent felony convictions: If you have a Class H or Class I felony conviction, I can help you expunge it if it was at least 10 years ago and you have not been convicted since then. A wide range of crimes fall under Class H and I felonies, like fraud, embezzlement, forgery, counterfeiting, etc. If you want to find out what class of felony you have been convicted of, please visit this site and after that, enter your name in the appropriate field:
  • Nonviolent misdemeanor convictions: Offenses such as drinking tickets/underage drinking, prostitution, possession of stolen goods, and other crimes may be eligible.
  • Misdemeanor and felony drug convictions: These include possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and other low-level drug offenses.
  • Cases that are dismissed or disposed of with “not guilty” findings

You should ensure that the attorney is up to date on the latest changes in North Carolina expunction laws.

Eligibility Check

I am available for retention for the limited purpose of checking if you are eligible for a criminal record expunction. I will review the public court records and talk with you on the phone to let you know whether you qualify for an expunction.

Can You Erase Your Criminal Record?

To get more information on criminal record expunction in North Carolina, call the Law Offices of Keith A. Williams, P.A., at 252-931-9362 or send me an email. Based in Greenville, I handle these issues for clients throughout the state.

*Each case is unique and depends on its individual merits. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in the future.


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