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MacDonald Case

Attorney Williams served as co-counsel for Jeffrey MacDonald in a hearing held in federal court in September 2012. His work included a cross-examination of Joe McGinniss, the author of Fatal Vision. In addition there is an article from October 2012 in The New Republic, describing the case and specifically discussing the cross-examination.

The hearing received considerable attention:

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  • Fatal Vision author to testify as court revisits 1970 murder case – September 20, 2012 Fox News
  • Fatal Vision author testifies in MacDonald case – September 21, 2012 Star News Online
  • Fatal Vision author continues testimony on Jeffrey MacDonald, 1970 murders – 2012 Fox News
  • Lawyers deliver closing arguments in Fatal Vision hearing – September 25, 2012
  • Lawyers make closing statements in Jeffrey MacDonald hearing in NC, ruling may be months away – September 26, 2012 The Washington Post